quarta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2018

Ammouri - Dare To Be Happy (2018) Suécia

1. Fill Your Heart With Love
2. Monsters Of Your Own Creation
3. Starlight-Metal Version
4. Dare To Be Happy
5. Bad Illusion
6. Manipilation
7. Not Anymore
8. More Than Everything
9. He Knows Everything About Me
Marina Ammouri - vocalista
John Berg - guitarra (Oz, The Paralydium Project, Dynazty)
Staffan Osterlind - guitarra (Paul Di'Anno)
Tony Borg - guitarra (Alien)
Pontus Egberg - Baixo (The Poodles, King Diamond)
Johan Kullberg - bateria (Therion, Hammerfall)

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